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Tasksaur Privacy Policy

I know many of our users join Tasksaur because of its privacy features. As we advertise on our homepage, "no ads, no third-party tracking and we don't share your data with anyone". I take this very seriously.

The site uses SSL by default and it's hosted on dedicated servers only I have access to.

We don't show nor will ever show any ads.

Tasksaur doesn't serve third-party content anywhere except on our homepage, where we have Google Analytics enabled.

Your information, including email addresses, passwords and any sort of user generated content is stored in our database and won't be shared with third parties under any circumstances.

Should a privacy breach be discovered, I promise to disclose it as soon as posible on the site blog and Twitter account.

If you find any privacy leak, please report it to support@tasksaur.com discreetly.

Even though I take all measures possible to keep your information safe, please do not store truly sensitive information on Tasksaur.

Please read this carefully.

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