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About Tasksaur

Tasksaur is an online checklist. You can write down things you want to do and cross them out when you complete them. You can also sort them using tags and mark some as important (flag them). That's it: Tasksaur does only one thing and does it very well.

I made Tasksaur because I needed somewhere private, safe and ubiquitous where I could list everything I have to do in a confortable and effective way.

Business Model

Users pay two dollars per month to use the service. This should keep everything running, pay the server bills, etc.

Why Tasksaur

First of all, Tasksaur works everywhere. You can check it from your computer, your phone, etc. It's just a checklist and I work hard to make it the best checklist software out there.

Tasksaur is fast. It loads almost immediately on a dial-up connection.

Tasksaur is a small site and customers receive prompt support straight from the developer. Feedback and suggestions are well received and implemented whenever possible.

Why Pay for a Checklist?

Running a web service costs money. If you are not paying someone money for using it, you are paying with your data or something else. Tasksaur is fully supported by user payments and, thus, will never serve ads nor share your data with third parties of any kind.


You can reach me by email at support@tasksaur.com or as @tasksaur on Twitter.

If you find any privacy leak, please report it to support@tasksaur.com discreetly.

Even though I take all measures possible to keep your information safe, please do not store truly sensitive information on Tasksaur.

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