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Welcome to Tasksaur!

The place where you get things done

Tasksaur is a fast, no-nonsense online to-do checklist for people who value privacy and want to get things done. It costs just a few bucks per month and that's it. No ads, no third-party tracking and we don't share your data with anyone.

Tasksaur lets you create lists of to-be-done tasks and group them using tags. Want to pack for a trip? Create the tasks pack shirts and pack socks and tag them with "trip". Need to study for an exam? Create read chapter one and read chapter two and group them under "exam" so you don't forget to do anything. Once you complete a task, just cross it out and move on to the next one. Simple and cloud based, so you can access your checklists from anywhere and any device.


Speed: Tasksaur is very fast, bloat free and has a spare user interface, great for using it on low resource computers or on the go.

Security: Tasksaur is SSL encoded, private and safe from third-party trackers. Database backups are run every night to keep your data secure.

Tags: if you are, like me, a heavy user of to-do lists, you probably know how messy checklists can get after adding a couple dozen things to do. Tasksaur tackles this by letting you group tasks by certain tags, showing you only the tasks you want to see.

Priorities: there are some tasks more important than others. Tasksaur lets you mark and sort them according to their priority.

And more! Take a look at the future roadmap to see all the wonderful features we have planned for Tasksaur.


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